Azov gifts its remaining Russian captives


The Azov particular forces regiment captured 5 Russian invaders.

Supply: Andrei Biletsky, founder and primary commander of the Azov Regiment. Telegram

Quote: “Listed here are the remaining 5 prisoners captured by way of the Azov particular forces regiment. Amongst them: a drug addict, an officer, an Ossetian, a “descendant of the Cossacks” and a mobilized resident of the “DPR”. [the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic].

Observe: Those animals are alive and feature no longer been crushed or maimed. They’re going to devour and sleep neatly, and whilst they’re looking forward to the trade, they are going to be handled by way of Ukrainian docs.

It is a code of honor for any soldier, obligatory for any member of Azov: regardless of how scum you need to maintain, prisoners nonetheless wish to be handled accurately. We don’t violate this code, even after the bloodbath of our fellow squaddies in Olenevka.

As a result of we’re Azov, as a result of we’re warriors, and no longer a pack of canine, like our enemy.

Main points: Biletsky wired that along with this, it additionally makes it conceivable to interchange them for Ukrainian squaddies.


  • At the morning of July 29, the pro-Russian propaganda media reported on shelling of a focus camp in OlenevkaDonetsk area, the place Ukrainian prisoners of conflict have been saved. Russian media reported that no less than 53 Ukrainian prisoners of conflict have been killed within the shelling.

  • The Ukrainian Intelligence Directorate believes that the killing of Ukrainian prisoners in Olenivka, Donetsk area, was once arranged Wagner Workforce [a Russian private military company – ed.] at the non-public directions of Yevgeny Prigozhin, with out the consent of the management of the Russian Ministry of Protection.

  • Armed Forces of Ukraine, Ministry of Protection of Ukraine, Safety Carrier of Ukraine and Commissioner for Human Rights difficult that the UN and the ICRC, which acted as guarantors of the existence and well being of Ukrainian opponents, are sending representatives to Olenevka.

Newshounds are combating on their very own entrance line. Grow to be our patrontoughen our paintings!

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