Bellingcat investigators determine occupier who tortured and finished Ukrainian soldier


Investigators from the journalistic crew Bellingcat and the Latvian impartial Russian media outlet The Insider say they have got known a Russian occupier torturing a Ukrainian soldier in a video. It grew to become out to be a local of Tuva named Ochur-Suge Mongush from the Akhmat battalion.

Supply: bellingcat in addition to insider

Main points: Bellingcat used to be ready to ascertain that the prisoner of conflict used to be tortured at the territory of the Privolye health center within the Luhansk area and that militants from the Akhmat battalion participated within the torture.

The Insider spoke to the primary tormentor, a Tuvan named Ochur-Suge Mongush (born 1993).

They reported that he attempted to disclaim his involvement, however incriminated himself with complicated testimony.

He claimed that he didn’t torture someone and didn’t even dangle a weapon in his palms. He insisted that he used to be merely accompanying Russian reporters and that the video with him used to be a montage.

He additionally claimed that in an instant after the video seemed, he won a choice from reporter buddies.

He advised them that the video have been edited, and so they instructed him to visit the FSB and display them his shuttle ID, which indicated his arrival and departure occasions.

Mongush claimed that he used to be detained for 2 days by means of the FSB, which checked the video for a pretend, after which advised him that the video used to be hosted by means of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The video fell into the palms of Ukrainians after they stuck a felony who raped a 10-year-old kid.

Mongush additionally claimed that many of us put on the similar headgear as him and that he hasn’t ever observed the auto proven within the torture video.

Then again, Mongush admitted and repeated a number of occasions that he in point of fact used to be a person in [another] video launched from Azot plant [by RT in June].

Thus, the telephone name made it conceivable to ascertain, at the beginning, that the person within the RT video used to be certainly Ochur-Suge Mongush.

It is usually transparent that Mongush used to be mendacity when he denied that he had ever observed a automotive with the letter “Z”, as a result of that is obviously observed in Lancaster’s video, the authenticity of which Mongush does no longer deny.

Mongush admits that his reporter buddies, whom he accompanied, referred to as him in an instant after the discharge of the photos and stated: “Glance what nonsense they revealed about you,” i.e., as he put it, his buddies known him in an instant within the video.

In keeping with Mongush, the UAF discovered a video of a rapist torturing a Ukrainian soldier, after which for some explanation why edited it to make the rapist appear to be Mongush, right down to small main points, corresponding to patterns at the hat and bracelets.



  • On July 28, the video used to be circulated on pro-Kremlin social media. The video displays the torture and execution of a Ukrainian prisoner of conflict.

  • The video displays infantrymen in Russian army uniforms torturing and abusing a certain Ukrainian soldier sooner than executing him with a headshot.

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