Putin is making ready for a brand new battle

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin

That is whilst you signal one thing very similar to agreements with Turkey and the UN on unblocking Ukrainian ports for grain exports with one hand, and hit the Odessa port with Kalibr missiles with the opposite hand, whilst sending your individual media killers to unfold disinformation that the Ukrainians themselves fired at their very own strategic object.

And on the identical time, to obtain from the UN only a nugatory response of an indefinite content material about an summary condemnation of the shelling. However now not Russia, which carries out those assaults. To be fair, Putin is aware of the best way to push his personal eventualities.

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The usage of each – a advanced community of Russian brokers, which is broadly integrated into all global establishments – from the UN to the IAEA, which has now not but known the seizure of the Zaporozhye nuclear energy plant as an act of nuclear terrorism, and no much less a community of international politicians and officers financed by way of Russia.

Such because the ex-Chancellor of Germany Schroeder, who spends his vacations in Moscow. The capital of the rustic that unleashed a contemporary battle in Europe. And should you suppose that “cash does now not odor”, then it’s not so. Now cash from Russia – and this isn’t their “wood” rubles, however actual bucks and euros – smells. The blood of Ukrainians who’re being killed by way of Russians. It simply does not forestall everybody.

What is going to Putin do subsequent and what’s he making ready for? Russia is making ready to legalize the career of the occupied Ukrainian territories. It’s on occasion additionally known as annexation. The apply of elevating Russian flags to the enjoying of the Soviet-Russian anthem within the captured Ukrainian towns, after all, does now not motive a lot pleasure.

Generally such acts of vandalism in opposition to global legislation and all post-war agreements between international locations happen within the presence of a number of native traitors – collaborators, representatives of Moscow and a dozen folks of retirement age. However Putin now not cares in regards to the image.

Putin needs to hold out his plan – to “connect” the Ukrainian territories to Russia in keeping with a state of affairs very similar to the Crimean one.

And after that, the Kremlin needs to announce to the West that any more the battle takes on a brand new that means. American Himars will fireplace at Russian troop concentrations, command posts and ammunition depots already in territory that is thought of as a part of the Russian Federation in Russia.

On the identical time, the pro-Russian foyer within the West will do its task, chopping off support to Ukraine and bringing into the general public area narratives in regards to the inadmissibility of an immediate disagreement between NATO and Russia on account of the provision of guns and shelling of items in territories that the Russians acknowledge as their very own.

The devilish aggregate of the Kremlin can have its continuation. Putin and his military now want a truce – on his phrases. That is when the occupying forces of Russia don’t seem to be fired upon, however are in a position to fireplace missiles at any object in Ukraine. With a correspondingly meager response from the UN, that Putin isn’t officially violating anything else.

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This “truce” will resemble the “Peace of Versailles”. After the signing of which, the skilled French Marshal Foch mentioned: “This isn’t peace. It is a truce for two decades.” However in our case, there shall be no two decades. Suppose logically: in keeping with suppose tanks, together with British intelligence, Russia has already dedicated 85% of its troops to the combating in Ukraine, reviews CNN.

The Russians want time to get better, regroup, mobilize (secretly or overtly), educate the mobilized and repair apparatus. Putin is making an attempt to barter with Turkish President Erdogan at the development of the Bayraktar plant in Russia.

As you know, the development of a plant isn’t an issue of sooner or later. Even at an speeded up tempo in wartime. So Putin is operating from a fairly far-off perspective.

In fact, moving the manufacturing of Bayraktarov to Russia could be an enormous betrayal. However I actually hope that the President of Turkey won’t ever opt for it. And now not simplest as a result of he understands the threats to Ukraine. And he’s acutely aware of the threats to Turkey itself. Within the type of an immediate disagreement with Russia, now not simplest within the Karabakh area, but in addition within the Black Sea within the tournament that Putin advances in Ukraine and seizes new territories.

We will be able to ship our Turkish pals the historical past of the Russo-Turkish wars to remind them of the historic context. Despite the fact that I feel Erdogan is aware of him really well.

So now Putin needs a ceasefire from the Ukrainian aspect, now not preventing at destroying Ukraine. And ensure that – the state of affairs of North and South Korea (for the ones naive individuals who suppose that Russia will forestall on the borders of Donetsk and Luhansk areas) is inconceivable.

Putin hates Ukraine so deeply and comprehensively, his propaganda has so pumped up the heads of the Russians that, having captured any agreement within the Luhansk area, he’s already making plans the siege of Kharkov and the bombing of the Dnieper.

And for this, high-precision guns and microcircuits from Taiwan don’t seem to be crucial for him. He is able to burn towns along with his primitive, nonetheless Soviet “Grads”, which quilt territories with sq. kilometers, and don’t hit precisely on a particular goal, just like the American “Khimars”. The Grad projectile does now not have a GPS navigation gadget, it flies alongside a ballistic trajectory anyplace – to the positions of Ukrainian troops, to a college, kindergarten, health facility, or just burns vegetation within the box.

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To fill up the ammunition load of those “Grads” at Russian factories operating in numerous shifts, Putin wishes time. Within the type of this “truce”. However consider – Putin is making ready for a brand new battle.

The realization is probably not too unique. Ukraine wishes guns and ammunition. All that is wanted by way of the rustic, which, excuse me, let me remind you, has disarmed and passed over its cruise missiles to Russia, which is now shelling Ukraine with the similar missiles. Along side nuclear guns, the non violent and naive younger state additionally destroyed its personal strategic aviation. Which might additionally elevate typical guns. The similar missiles and air bombs that can now forestall the aggressor at the leading edge.

Will any person ever rely in cash what number of assets Ukraine put at the altar of worldwide peace? It’s moderately inconvenient to remind now, however this disarmament happened below force and with the enhance of the West. So it is time to right kind this historical mistake. Sure, it hurts the financial system and it’s pricey to ship your individual assets and cash to far-off Ukraine. It is about giant cash and numerous assets. A lot more than what has already been despatched.

However it is going to be much more pricey to not. After which with the similar “Khimars” to hit their very own infrastructure – superb autobahns, bridges, faculties that the Russians will use for his or her headquarters. To forestall rusty Russian tanks already at the territory of NATO international locations.

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Do you suppose it is a myth state of affairs? And I feel now not. Putin hates you, our pricey Western companions, as sincerely as he hates the Ukrainians. A minimum of in Poland, neighboring Ukraine, that is understood very obviously. The Poles have already embarked at the introduction of essentially the most tough floor forces in Europe. They usually name their nation the only on the entrance.

Subsequently, the most productive advice for all Europeans (and subsequently for American citizens, who won’t silently watch the battle in Europe) is to extend enhance for Ukraine. In order to not pay with blood for their very own freedom. Finally, Putin wishes Ukraine now not simplest as a territory. And as an commercial, power and meals base for the nice march to the West. Stay this in thoughts when your executive makes a decision to lend a hand Ukraine.

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