Senator Cruz (R-TX) thumps his boot on a desk, in defiance of FBI tips referring to extremist staff symbols.

Senator Ted Cruz slammed his shoe at the desk along with his shoe at the desk, in defiance of FBI tips referring to symbols denoting extremist teams.

CRUZ: Additionally on this textual content is a textual content that in particular struck me, Gonzalez’s struggle flag – “Come and Get It” – indicating club in a violent extremist defense force. Smartly, at the moment, I’m going to record myself that each day within the Senate, I put on my boots with the Gonzales struggle flag at the again. Director Ray, what are you doing? It does not make any sense. Do you accept as true with this FBI steering? That the Betsy Ross flag, and the Gadsden flag, and the Gonzalez struggle flag, or indicators of violent extremism of the militias.

FBI DIRECTOR CHRISTOPHER RAY: Smartly, Senator, I am not aware of the precise record that you’ve got, and I am not looking to touch upon paperwork that I did not acknowledge. However I will be able to inform you that after we unencumber intelligence merchandise, together with those who check with characters, which we do in all kinds of contexts, we most often put numerous effort, put numerous effort into making disclaimers and warnings within the record that make it transparent that the logo itself isn’t regarded as proof of violent extremism.

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