The Armed Forces of Ukraine provide an explanation for why the Russians within the Kherson area are doomed: “cotton” is at the method


The Division of Strategic Communications of the Armed Forces of Ukraine states that Russia, which is now increase its forces within the Kherson area, can’t reach offensive movements.

Supply: APU Stratom incl. Telegram

Main points: In line with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Russian invaders are concentrating their forces and approach within the Kherson area to discourage the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and get ready an offensive at the Krivoy Rog and Nikolaev fronts.

Russian troops positioned their ammunition depots both at the left financial institution of the Dnieper or at the proper financial institution, urgent tightly into the financial institution of the river in order that Ukrainian guns didn’t achieve them.

Stratom notes that the Russian positions are 30-40 km away, which makes their depots obtainable to Ukrainian M-142 HIMARS.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine additionally emphasised the significance of the loss of a unmarried huge warehouse within the Russian Federation, which would offer complex devices with ammunition and gas at a distance of lower than 10-15 km. Lots of the Russian warehouses are situated at a distance of about 30 km from their ahead positions.

StratCom has hinted that they’re acutely aware of the site of Russian warehouses within the north and northeast of the Kherson area.

Subsequently, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have summed up that the Russian devices forming a full-fledged strike crew at the proper financial institution of the Kherson area will likely be totally supplied with group of workers, however may have issues of apparatus and comparable consumables.

Quote from StratCom AFU: “Even with the present collection of warehouses, which at the moment are situated at the proper financial institution, there was once nonetheless no scent of cotton.” [Russian propaganda, in initially refusing to use the word ‘’ (explosion), used ‘’ (a clap) instead. ‘’ also means ‘cotton’, which has since become a meme – ed.], we will say that their quantity isn’t sufficient to offer this sort of huge grouping of troops. After the claps [strikes] start to sound on them, one can most effective hope for assets at the left financial institution.

Why is it necessary: Within the Kherson area, the left and proper banks of the Dnieper are hooked up by means of 3 crossings: those are the Antonovsky car bridge close to Kherson, the Antonovsky car bridge and the dam of the Kakhovka reservoir in Novaya Kakhovka.

The Russians maximum frequently used the Antonovsky car bridge for the switch in their troops and gear, since it’s situated closest to Kherson. However after correct Ukrainian moves at the bridge, it changed into wrong for crossing.

Now we need to make an important detour thru Novaya Kakhovka in order that Russia can switch its forces to the proper financial institution of the Dnieper and refill your warehouses.

These days, the Armed Forces of Ukraine proceed smash Russian warehouses in addition to free up settlements within the Kherson area.

Reporters are preventing on their very own entrance line. Toughen Ukrainian fact!

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