The Russians will now not advance on Kyiv, the protection is in position


The commander of the Joint Forces, Lieutenant-Common Serhiy Naev, confident the Ukrainians that Russian troops would no longer assault Kyiv a 2d time, for the reason that Ukrainian Armed Forces are actually a lot better ready for a conceivable offensive.

Supply: Sergei Naev, quoted Joint Forces Command

Quote from Naiev: “We analyzed the former movements of the Russians at the Kiev entrance and, having studied this enjoy, supplied for an good enough reaction. Defensive positions are situated exactly in puts with the best chance of an offensive by means of Russian troops.

Inspecting the conceivable movements of the Russians, we now have created an built-in device of fireplace and artillery quilt, which can have the ability to hit the enemy each at the method and in shut battle of his battle formations.

In flip, the inhabitants, which has felt the weight of the Russian career, absolutely helps the Armed Forces of Ukraine, different branches of the army and regulation enforcement businesses. I am certain the Russians may not make to any extent further development in this entrance. We’re doing the whole lot we will be able to to make that self belief a truth.”

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