Who’s the daddy of Imogen’s child in Lovely Little Liars: Unique Sin?

‘Lovely Little Liars: Unique Sin’ unearths who’s the daddy of Imogen’s child? Listed below are the entire imaginable clues and why it provides a novel twist.

Who’s the daddy of Imogen Adams (Bailey Madison)’s child Lovely Little Liars: Unique Sin? This is likely one of the greatest mysteries because the first 3 episodes of the collection. Lovely little Liars reboot. AT Lovely Little Liars: Unique Sin In Episode 1 “Bankruptcy One: Spirit Week”, Imogen is going to the varsity nurse’s administrative center to speak about getting an abortion. On the other hand, the nurse reminds Imogen that she is six months pregnant, which means that abortion is not an possibility. Curiously, Imogen was once at Kelly Beasley’s (Mallory Bechtel) birthday celebration six months in the past, which means it is extremely most likely that her kid’s father was once additionally at Kelly’s birthday celebration that evening.


As well as, Imogen discussed that the daddy of her kid is a lifeguard. Sadly, the lifeguards weren’t proven in Unique sin for now, however there is a likelihood the lifeguard would possibly display up in one of the most Lovely Little Liars: Unique Sins bloody upcoming episodes. It’s also imaginable that Imogen’s kid’s father is going to some other college within the space, as other people from all over the place Millwood had been invited to Kelly’s birthday celebration. In “Bankruptcy One: Spirit Week”, Imogen mentions to the nurse that she and her mom deliberate to boost the kid in combination, implying that whoever the daddy is, he does now not need to lend a hand Imogen with the kid.

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Imogen confessed to Karen Beasley that she made out with Karen’s boyfriend, Greg (Elias Cacavas), all the way through Kelly’s birthday celebration. This makes it imaginable that Greg was once the daddy of her kid, however this concept is not going since Greg isn’t a lifeguard. Which means that, in all probability, Imogen’s kid’s father didn’t seem in Lovely Little Liars: Unique Sin for now. It is imaginable the daddy can be printed in a long run episode, despite the fact that he does not appear to wish anything else to do with elevating the kid.

Imogen’s being pregnant provides a novel twist to unique sin

Bailee Madison as Imogen and Chandler Kinney as Tabitha in Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin.

Lovely little Liars all the time incorporated circle of relatives dynamicsin addition to the truth that one of the most major characters Lovely little Liars: Unique sin a tender pregnant youngster very much will increase the strain of the display and makes the drama much more actual. Which means that the masked personality “A” assaults and tortures a pregnant teenage woman, which makes the antagonist much more terrifying than he already was once. It additionally presentations how sinister Karen and Kelly Beasley may also be as they attempted to publicly humiliate Imogen via throwing crimson paint on her head.

What makes Imogen’s being pregnant other from Allison’s Lovely little Liars is that Allison’s being pregnant got here later within the collection, when she and the remainder of the principle characters had been already a little bit extra skilled with Killer “A”. AT Unique sin, Imogen was once pregnant ahead of the masked “A” confirmed up and began coming for her, which provides a brand new and thrilling dynamic to the display. It is going to be fascinating to peer how Lovely little Liars: Unique sin dealing with Imogen’s being pregnant in long run episodes.

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The following two episodes of Lovely Little Liars: Unique Sin will air on August 4 and 11, and the overall 3 on August 18.

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